Getting Licensed

Thank you for your interest in iGo Green® technology. To apply for a license to utilize iGo Green technology in your products, please fill out the application form.

If you are an existing iGo Green licensee, please contact your sales manager.

Step 1

Complete the application form to indicate your interest in the iGo Green license. We will contact you and send you a questionnaire to license iGo Green technology.

Step 2

Complete the questionnaire and send it, along with any requested financial information, to iGo for review and approval.

Step 3

iGo will send you a contract to complete along with applicable license fees; review, sign and return the contract to iGo.

Step 4

Upon review and approval of the contract, your company becomes an official iGo Green licensee and is added to the iGo licensee list so you can utilize iGo Green technology in your products.